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About Us

The Lochkelden Mansion, known to our Family Federation membership as the "Windermere House", has always been special. The occasion of its Centennial has inspired us to look more closely at the fascinating history that preceded our ownership, as well as to reflect on the many important celebrations, conferences and gatherings that are a part of its more recent history.

Our Founders, Rev.and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, have stayed here on many occasions. More than once they have commented that the name "Seattle" sounds similar to the Korean word for "ripened seed" and encouraged us with the notion that this city is a place of new beginnings.

This house has been and continues to be, a place of peace making and reconciliation. Cross-cultural, interracial marriage Blessings have been sanctified here. Ambassadors for Peace have met and been commissioned under this roof. The Women's Federation for World Peace have conducted the 'Bridge of Peace' reconciliation ceremonies, bridging the gaps between women who's races, religions and affiliations had previously been cause for separation. All of these occasions have been dedicated to the establishment of True Peace; the peace that comes when people can recognize that we are all valuable and irreplaceable in the eyes of God.

 We are excited about the future of Lochkelden. Plans have been made for reconstruction of the Carriage House. It will retain its original look, but will become a modern multi-use facility where we will welcome our neighbors and other organizations to hold meetings and special events.  The Mansion itself will be available for weddings and other functions as well.

It is our hope that Lochkelden will continue to be a special place, not only to our membership, but to the rest of Seattle and the nation as well.

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    Reverend Moon with Seattle Church Members, 1974