Event Participants

  The Duwamish Tribe

  The Duwamish  and
  Pioneer Descendants


  Vital Spark

  Northwest Steam

  Children's Hospital

  Last Resort Fire Dept

  James Bacon
  Local Model T Club




  The International
  Sun Hak Choir

  Blue 4 Trio

  John Engerman

  The City of Seattle



 Centennial Celebration




Thank you Seattle!  We had a wonderful response to the Lochkelden Centennial,  and it was indeed a great pleasure to meet everyone there. 

Special thanks to the City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods for financial and logistical support for the Lochkelden Centennial.


 Also special thanks to Leonard Garfield (Director of MOHAI) & Allan Seidenverg of MOHAI for their gracious and knowledgeable tours of the Lochkelden Mansion throughout the day.



           Allan Seidenverg of MOHAI


 Thanks also to our many other event participants, The Duwamish Tribe, Vital Spark, Last Resort Fire Department, James Bacon (Model T Club) The International Sung Hak Choir, The Blue Four Trio, John Engerman, and Ivars with their "divine" clam chowder. 


  There is also an unseen list of those we need to thank, and it is very long, but you know who you are.  Because of you all, Lochkelden was able to shine for Seattle once more.






              Leonard Garfield welcoming guests and guiding one of the many tours.




                                   Amy Johnson & Leonard Garfield


   We also wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Denny descendant's group whose support and involvement was indispensable:  Brewster Denny and his daughter Maria Denny, descendants of Arthur Denny; Earl Cahail, descendant of Alice Kellog Denny;  Amy Johnson, descendant of David Denny; Greg, Cathy & Ned Palmer, descendants of Edith Denny Lamping.



Leonard Garfield, Brewster Denny, Earl Cahail, Allan Seidenverg




                                                 Cecile Hansen


  Special thanks also to The Duwamish Tribe, and Cecile Hansen, descendant of Chief Seattle, for sharing with us your heritage in spirit, song and dance, and even native recipes. We also share your cherished dream of building your new cultural center and Long House.   


  This website will continue to explore Seattle's roots, heritage and amazing stories for the site archives. What our pioneers planted continues to grow even today. 


   In the coming weeks and months, and as the Carriage House is rebuilt, we hope to have more exciting news and details available on limited public use of the facilities and estate grounds for group events or weddings.  Stay tuned.


   For those of you that brought with you old stories, memories and photos of Lochkelden, please reach us again through the "contact" link and we'll meet again to properly preserve your gems for posterity.  



 1920 Seagrave Firetruck displayed by the Last Resort Fire Department
Fire "Ladies",, Julie Burgess & Sarah Nishioka





James Bacon, Model T Club




Vital Spark, with John & Joellen Hope




John Engerman




Casey MacGill's,  The Blue 4 Trio






Lochkelden Today



 More about the Denny Mansion


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